Symantec endpoint protection liveupdate not updating

If a client has out of date antivirus definitions (SEP 12.1.6), ISE posture reports this but if I click the start button to update the definitions, Any Connect/ISE Posture comes back with an error saying that the AV/AS update has failed.

I'm thinking it's a Windows permissions issue but I'm not sure how I would solve this.

It even has security features that protect its security features.

The program allows the administrator to disable various options for other users.

Because definitions files are often large, the new disk change caused by the download will reflect in the size of the protected system's next incremental backup.

Effective August 1, 2013, the UNC-Chapel Hill for any antivirus software licensed by Symantec will expire.New definition files being generated by Live Update if the original definition file is locked during an update When Live Update runs a scheduled scan, it locks the definitions file against any changes.If the automatic updater runs at the same time, it will be unable to overwrite the old definitions file, and will download a new copy instead.This article explains how to troubleshoot Symantec Live Update causing large incremental backups.There are two scenarios in which the size of an incremental backup can be affected by Symantec Live Update: Nightly updates causing large amounts of change on a protected drive By default, Symantec Live Update stores definition files in a folder named 'Definitions' or 'Virus Defs' in one of the following locations: These paths may vary based on what version of Symantec is being run, or if you have changed the protected system's default download location.

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This protection is not an endorsement of the current version.

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