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She then leans on the door at the driver’s side and they chat briefly.

The lady then goes around the car and jumps in before driving off into the night.

The newspapers also said that Pastor Ncube’s wife is a professor at Solusi University and that the incidents occurred when she was away on trips for the university.

also states that he took the young woman to South Africa in an attempt to get her to abort the pregnancy.

Ncube as having ministerial credentials from the West Zimbabwe Conference which includes Bulawayo and the suburb where Solusi University is located.

“Our work is now easier, as there is no need to fear arrests or paying bribes.

“After being left alone with police officers” she accused the pastor. The newspapers state that the prosecuting attorney was Goodluck Katenaire.

Magistrate Godwin Sengweni stated that the evidence against Pastor Ncube was “overwhelming,” but suspend eight years of the 15-year sentence.

As a New Zealander I’m aware that NZ has a lot of bad stats too.

In fact it was while looking into NZ heath stats that I decided to post this page.

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