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Looking back, I would have loved to know what I was getting myself into or at least some advice on navigating Chinese dating culture.Since my experience was limited to just my husband, I got some additional input from two American bloggers living in China: Jocelyn Eikenburg writes Speaking Of China and Jo Kelly-Bai writes Life Behind The Wall.

Mostly has to do with the girls not wanting to date them because many lack sophistication and class. It's one of the few places I been where I didn't feel like I was interrupting a gathering of close-knit social circles. This can be easily remedied if you turn your back and block them off or move the girl to a less rowdy area. This is a semi-risky approach since some girls might think there's nothing wrong with the local dudes.

They're a lot more down-to-earth than girls in western countries and like to dress sexy and cute. - I'm Asian and often got many looks from the ladies everywhere I went.

And when I did approaches, they were often happy to engaged me in conversation, sometimes invited me to have a drink or to walk with them.

If a Polish girl gently rebuffs your date suggestion by saying she’s busy with school, she’s probably being truthful instead of blowing you off. I could dial it up from what it was in Iceland and Denmark.

I was surprised that my American-style humor transferred so well until I discovered that they love American movies and television. They don’t know how to lead you on, trick you, or use you.

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