Are sophia bush and james lafferty still dating difference between dating and friendship

After separating from a few co-stars James Lafferty met Irish actress Eve Hewson.

In 2010, he started dating her and the couple called it days for their relationships in 2015.

So far he has starred in a short lived show ‘Crisis’, he also appeared in ‘Underground’, and has even directed episodes of ‘The Royals’. But, why exactly did the two of them never become more than just friends? Plus, they know each other better than anyone else ever would.Apparently a little thing called “chemistry” was needed and, according to Lenz, they just didn’t have it.“I mean, I think that [a romantic relationship] might’ve been the original way they were planning on taking the story, but also, there was some unexpected chemistry with James [Lafferty], too.” Oh yes, we know.“It was also every kind of nerdy high schooler’s dream that the star jock is interested in her and I just don’t think they anticipated how many girls would really connect to and relate to that story,” Lenz continued.

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He also shares his traveling moments via Instagram.

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