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Guitardater doesn't recognize the serial# system Epiphone is using since mid 2008 ! Chinese made guitars with F 31xxxx like the "1959" model or the 1960/2010 tribute models don't work either, or are falsely rated as Fuji Gen, Japan made instuments. of your 1993 or most later models Epiphone either: 1.

A smooth gloss finish and a beautiful rosette made of inlaid wood give this guitar an elegant yet earthy look.

Budget doesn't have to mean boring, get your Washburn WG7SCE from Sweetwater!

Similarly, serial number 09050112 indicates the 112th guitar made during May 2009.

023849354 -- these are Asian made (Korea, Japan, Indonesia) but again the exact factory origin is not usually available from guitardater project or other sources.] FYYMMRRRR F = factory code (this can be 2 letters as well) YY = year of manufacture (this can also be just 1 digit for '90s models) MM = month of manufacture R = ranking number (may be more or less digits, not necessarily indicative of total units produced) Example - S02021234 was made in Feb. Another code used on some current Epiphone models FYYMRRRR F = factory code YY = year of manufacture M = This will be a letter code corresponding to the month (A=January, B=February, etc...).

Washburn - producing quality fretted instruments since 1883 With humble beginnings in Chicago dating back to the 1880s, Washburn is an American institution in musical instrument manufacturing.

We're always adding musical instruments that can ship internationally.

Can anyone here recommend any resources or reading materials for accurately determining the age and approximate value of older, pre war Washburn acoustic guitars?

The guitar in question, in this case, is a parlor sized Washburn model A 5991.

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See below for the formula used to tell the year of manufacture.

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