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For best results, try combining both of these tips.

This may work best for those who upgraded from a previous version of OS X to Mountain Lion but if you’re having the wifi drop issue go ahead and do it anyway because it is consistently successful with addressing wireless issues: The network location and DHCP renewal tip resolved similar wifi problems in Lion, and it seems to work in Mountain Lion too for many users.

The steps below should help you avoid the most common mistakes in updating and avoid the most common contributing factors.

Be sure you’re joined on a wireless network, close out of System Preferences, and enjoy the internet as usual.The entire process is usually completed in an hour or so for a simple upgrade, or you can clean install if that’s your preference too.Notes: Many readers have responded in the comments with their personal experiences from OS X Lion, Mountain Lion, and OS X Mavericks.I and all our staff at Lion World Travel are excited about our new branding, stunning new brochure and website.We have developed a quirky new logo representative of our unique and inventive African vacations.

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OS X Mountain Lion has been a painless upgrade for most users, but there are a fair amount of people experiencing some unusual wireless connectivity problems and issues.

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