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Please feel free to access any of these quizzes and edit them to meet the needs of your classroom!Unit 1 Earthquakes and Earth’s Interior Practice Test: SOC-12777279 Earth’s Interior/Food Analogy 8/26/15 and 8/27/15 (Compare and contrast Earth’s layers to a hard-boiled egg): SOC-12161907 Earth’s Interior Review 8/25/15 (multiple-choice review of Earth’s layers): SOC-16989162 Continental Drift Mastery Quiz (Review of evidence for continental drift and Alfred Wegener): SOC-17713042 Plate Boundaries (short answer review of features): SOC-13039496 Plate Tectonics Review Session: SOC-18035758 Weathering and Erosion Quiz 2015: SOC-13537883 Weathering and Erosion Check for Understanding: SOC-13192705 Sodium Check for Understanding: SOC-17232949 Two Socrative Quizzes from the Balancing Chemical Equations Ph ET Simulation: Balancing Chemical Equations Practice #1: SOC-18374873 Balancing Chemical Equations Practice #2: SOC-18375276 4.1 Relative Dating Assessment: SOC-13918488 4.2 Radiometric Dating and 4.3 Geologic Time Assessment: SOC-14114752 Radiometric Dating Check for Understanding: SOC-14039418 Unit 5 MINI Quiz (Weather): SOC-3247438 Unit 5 Atmosphere Mini-Quiz (from version 1): SOC-3014628 Layers of the Atmosphere/Ozone Check for Understanding Spring 2016: SOC-19903132 Air Pressure and Air Masses Check for Understanding Spring 2016: SOC-19883027 Standard 6.1 Seasons Warm Up Spring 2016: SOC-20626199 Standard 6.1 Climate Factors/Climographs Warm Up Spring 2016: SOC-20626309 Standard 6.2 Check for Understanding: SOC-21104871 Global Winds and the Coriolis Effect Check for Understanding Spring 2016: SOC-19927137 Climate Change Mini-Unit Quiz (from version 1): SOC-3493176 7.1 Gravity Check-In Spring 2016: SOC-21592724 7.1 Kepler’s Laws Check-in Spring 2016: SOC-21608595 7.1 Mastery Quiz Spring 2016: SOC-21608810 7.2 Mastery Quiz Spring 2016 (planets, dwarf planets, Sun layers, weather, and features): SOC-21924282 Nebular Hypothesis (from version 1): SOC-9760553 8.1 Mastery Quiz (star properties and stellar life cycle): SOC-22246279 8.2 Check for Understanding Warm Up (electromagnetic spectrum, emission spectra, red shift): SOC-22394301 Please leave any questions or feedback about the quizzes in the comments!Items for which the greatest gains were observed correlate with teaching method; classroom activities coupled with discussion and supplemental reading appear most effective in increasing student knowledge.Our interpretation of the GCI results suggests that students need multiple opportunities to work with geologic concepts in a variety of formats, and provides further evidence of the persistence of student prior knowledge in specific topics.

If the converging plates have land masses on them, the boundaries crumple, forming mountains.

This activity was selected for the On the Cutting Edge Reviewed Teaching Collection This activity has received positive reviews in a peer review process involving five review categories.

The five categories included in the process are A fluid flowing from an upper beaker into a lower beaker (shampoo in this case) behaves mathematically identically to radioactive decay, mimicking the exponential decay process, dependent on the amount of fluid in the upper beaker (representing the amount of parent isotopes) and the size of the hole in the beaker (representing the decay constant).

In many disciplines, multiple-choice tests have been developed to gauge student prior knowledge and assess learning.

Effective instruction hinges in part on understanding what prior knowledge students bring to the classroom, and on evaluating how this knowledge changes during instruction.

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The theory of plate tectonics was developed in the 1960s in an effort to explain the jigsawlike pattern of the Earth's continents. Our Living Language : Although German physicist, meteorologist, and explorer Alfred Wegener proposed the theory of continental drift in 1912, suggesting that the continents were once joined as one large landmass, the explanation for the movement of such large landmasses into their current positions was not developed for several more decades.

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