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The firmware monitors the buttons, controls the LEDs, and processes the button presses in order to send the data in a format the receiving device, in this case, a television set, can understand and process.

A television remote control is an example of an engineered product that contains firmware.

The firmware can be updated with nothing more than a USB cable and host computer.

These instructions allow you to upgrade the firmware and CPLD bitstream in order to take advantage of new features or bug fixes.

Even worse, the firmware update for Vertex 4 is a destructive flash and I'm understanding that means it erases everything. Does the USB/CD method work for OCZ firmware update if I choose them as bootdrives?

Also, as I said I'm building a new computer, and if the USB/CD method indeed does work, can I stick it in the my newly built computer before installing anything(including OS) and be able to run the firmware update toolbox?

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